NWMPA Activities

The NWMPA is dedicated to promoting the betterment and development of miniature potbelly pigs. We promote responsible pet pig ownership by providing education to those considering a miniature pig as a house pet. In an effort to reduce abuse and abandonment, we provide current and potential pet pig owners information about the characteristics of miniature potbelly pigs, their care, and training. We try to keep members up to date on the latest medical information, nutritional products, general potbelly related information and advice. Monthly meetings provide an opportunity to discuss information pertaining to potbelly pigs and encourage members to share experiences.

NWMPA Monthly Meetings

NWMPA club meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.  Occasionally a meeting is canceled due to weather, or another club activity. For details regarding current location please contact a NWMPA officer or member before attending for the first time.

Educational Activities

Over the years NWMPA has sponsored fun shows and even nationally sanctioned shows. NWMPA members have worked statewide to get local ordinances changed to allow potbelly pigs to be kept, and referred to as domestic pets. Many members also educate others about mini pigs as pets by participating in community service activities. Members regularly take their pet pigs to local schools or nursing homes, or participate in other NWMPA activities and special events.

Bernie the Trick Master

Burnie: The Trick Master DVD
This 16-minute DVD of tricks and training tips by Burnie and Patty will entertain you and give you training ideas for your pig. Funds from this DVD go to NWMPA. If you have training or pig questions, please contact Patty.

To order DVD contact:
Patty Hill, (503) 253-8768, pattyrocs@msn.com

National Pig Day Banquet

NWMPA sponsors an annual banquet to celebrate National Pig Day (March 1). Recognition is given to members who participate in educational activities in Northwest communities, assist others with the care and training of their pet pigs, and provide support for rescued pigs in local sanctuaries.

Vet Clinics

We are currently looking for a new location to regularly hold our bimonthly vet clinics. For many years NWMPA sponsored these clinics in Hubbard, OR. The clinics provide the opportunity for members and others to bring their pet pigs to receive expert care from a local veterinarian who specializes in the care of miniature pigs. Members volunteer to host each clinic, to answer questions, and to help with the logistics of getting the pigs ready for the veterinarian care. Pet pig baths and weigh-ins will also be available. Currently vet clinics are being sponsored when needed at temporary locations.  Please contact NWMPA if you would like to attend a clinic or have a suggestion for a permanent location.