How to discipline your pig :

These brief suggestions are just the beginning of understanding your pet pig. We encourage you to continue to gather information about your potbellied pig by observation, asking questions, and seeking out experienced . advice from qualified breeders, vets, and other pig parents.

The training and discipline of your pig are your responsibility. This responsibility is not to be taken lightly. Your pig is never too young to begin her training. From the very beginning, she must understand the parameters of acceptable behavior, and be corrected if she doesn't mind you. Pigs are hierarchial by nature, thus the owner must always be in charge. Your pig should be taught from the first moment she enters your home that ALL HUMANS, in allcirumstances, are to be respected and never challenged. Never under estimate your pig and always establish yourself as "top pig". Your potbellied pig,who is a living, intelligent and loving creature, is totally dependent on you to give her the home and training she deserves.

To help your pet pig live a long and healthy life; the following are several considerations.