Below are some of our most beloved pigs in NWMPA. Go ahead, take a look and see how great these little guys/gals can be.

Are you a club member and want to tell us a little about your pig(s)? Send us a photo and a short story (100 words or less) and we will post your story here!


Junior spent his life being a family pet and helping educate others about having a mini pig as a pet.  He volunteered as a “PR Pig” first for the Clark County Mini Pig Club and later with NWMPA.

Junior was always calmer and less frightened than many mini pigs.  When he was still with his litter mates, if someone came by they would all head for the corner of the pen.  Junior would be the first to venture out from the pile to see what was going on.  Early on Junior developed a special relationship with Ruggs, the dog of the house, sleeping on his tail, snuggling next to him and, later when Junior was bigger, flipping him off the couch to get more room.

Over the years Junior spent many days letting folks pet him, and he didn’t even mind when occasionally a kid would hang on his back.  He participated in the Clark County Fair, the Oregon State Fair, the Unique Animal Expo and various educational booths at other activities.  He was willing to dress up to match a theme for a show or when he visited elementary classrooms, the local library and a college campus.  Only a month before he suffered his final illness, he put up with almost a thousand screaming teenagers at a local high school pep rally.  He was the last minute stand-in for a “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser at the school.   

Clementime, his mom, misses him a lot, as do the other animal and human members of his family.  A donation was made to NWMPA’s Shed Fund in memory of Junior, and in acknowledgement of those who assisted him: the club members who offered to help, and Sally and the folks at the Scio Animal Hospital, including Chris the holder, who helped make his final time comfortable.


Pickles Pickles belongs to Zach and Rhonda King. They got him in March 2005. There was a little mix up at a local farm and 45 potbellied piglets were born right about the same time we stopped by an Exotic Animal Fair with a half joke half real statement of "let's rescue a pig!". So that is how Pickles found his way here. How we picked him out of the other 45... simple... we caught him first! He lives inside, is potty trained and very well behaved. He is a very social pig, loves people, kids and his brother Moses and sister Mia (two Great Danes). He also is a mascot for Zach and Rhonda's kickball team, Gettin Piggie Wid It and of course the league's best mascot!

Other Pigs

A few other pig "members" of the NWMPA.

Bernie the PigBruitisChantillyChiChiChopsEmmaPigWilberPigWilbur